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Survivor's Voices

FlowerThis part of our website is probably going to be updated more often – as it seeks to give voice to our membership and the issues we/they feel passionate about. In this section you will find sub menus:

Members who have, or do, submit poetry – are in the process of being contacted to ask for their written consent to include poetry on our website. Changes will occur to content at intervals so it is worth returning to this section now and again.

Similarly, we are in the process of updating the collection of artwork we have accumulated over the years and will be asking for new items – so that they can be included. For the moment we have put some photos on ‘living art’ which is linked to our 2015 and 2016 weekend workshop.

Finally – we have provided some information on media work; an increasing tool used by survivors, including our members, to give voice to their experiences and to raise awareness. We hope that they, and others, find this useful.