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An Extract from our October 2020 Newsletter

‘What has been clear during this pandemic is that the victim/survivors of familial sexual abuse during childhood have been overwhelmed – and CIS’ters is still relevant and needed.

For Cis’ters,  the past six months (April – September 2020) the volume of contact (predominantly by email) has risen by 700% compared with the same period in 2019. The central message from our members and other survivors has been that there continues to be increased feelings of anxiety, isolation and an undercurrent of concern for the children, of today, who are victims of familial sexual abuse. The true depth of the Hidden Harm within our society’.

Catholic Church Investigation Report 2020

We have made this Report available to you because the Church responds to Child Sexual Abuse in the same eway that the 'family' often does - they keep it hidden - and silence the victim......

Catholic Church Investigation Report - November 2020