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We wanted to reassure you that CISters is still operational. We have undertaken some changes in how we operate, in line with the current advice on keeping safe due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We continue to respond to emails ( ) and also phone calls left on our helpline (02380 338 080)

Within CISters we know that this is an exceptionally challenging time for ALL survivors and victims of sexual abuse during childhood.

For many survivors their symptoms of complex PTSD are being triggered (due to feelings of being overwhelmed etc) and increasing numbers of our existing members and other survivors are contacting CISters seeking additional emotional support.

As adult survivors of sexual abuse as children within a familial setting, we also know that some of our feelings of anxiety and distress are heightened as we (more than others might be) are fully aware that across the country/world – many children are now trapped in their homes with someone exploiting them sexually,

In addition we and partner agencies are also aware that the current life restrictions will also raise risks for any individuals experiencing or likely to experience domestic abuse/assault, including sexual assault. Home is not always the safest place that others perceive it to be.

Please keep as safe as you can and remember that CISters, and other charities like ours, are doing all that we can to continue to support those who have experienced sexual abuse.