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What funding is needed

Currently our annual expenditure is around £45,000 which, as you can imagine, is a lot of money to raise – through a mixture of grants (statutory and non-statutory) plus income from donations and also through delivering training.

Our greatest outgoing is the rent on our office – which is £11,000 a year; and the biggest headache we have annually. Other costs include: electricity, phones, insurance, training, supervision, travel, and our two part-time paid workers.

Annually £45,000 enables us to help 100s of survivors each year – by phone, by email and face to face – plus the ongoing awareness work we undertake. And we mustn’t forget the warm welcome accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee that we offer to everyone who attends our meetings.

  • £5 would pay for 50 leaflets to advertise our services. Anyone could lead a survivor to the help they need.
  • £15 would pay 6% of the annual fee for our PO Box.
  • £26 would pay for our phone and internet bill, for six days – our phone and e-mail services can and do help save lives.
  • £60 would pay for two days rent on our office.
  • £100 would provide a substantial subsidy for someone to access our annual weekend workshop.
  • £500 would pay our annual Business Rate fee.