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About us

QuestionCISters is a survivor led group for women who, as female children/teens, were raped/sexually abused by a member of their immediate/extended family. We are a Registered Charity (1123125).

In this part of our website we have included information on:

Our website isn’t perfect, but then neither are we. There are still some gaps; there are some rough edges – but we hope that you find what you need within the sub menus across this website. Also wanted to say:

  • It has taken us years to (1) source the funding for this website, and then (2) find the right developer, and then (3) develop the content.
  • Task 1 was initially the most difficult; but task 3 has been undoubtedly the hardest, because we have had to find precious time from within a busy work schedule that was already overloaded by 800%. This in major part has been due to the impact of a wider consciousness within society of the existence of an escalating prevalence of, child sexual abuse.
  • Thank you to all the other organisations and individuals that we reached out to during developmental and content stages. Your assistance has most definitely been appreciated.