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Reporting Being a Victim of Sexual Crimes

This is a personal choice – and for individual reasons. Sometimes to gain justice, but often to protect another child (past/present/future) – within or outside of the family. The timing of ‘when’ to report will be again a personal decision; taking into account factors such as the resilience of the adult survivor; and the support systems around them.

If you are considering going to the police we encourage you, initially, to speak with your nearest ISVA who can help you go through the options and explain the process of ‘what happens’.

Reporting is step 1; with a long journey thereafter, which is why emotional support and individual resilience and commitment to the process are critical.  The role of the ISVA has proved to be essential and they have regularly been commended for the support they have provided to victims who have chosen to report. A list of ISVAs is available on the Survivors Trust Website

From Report to Court

There is a really comprehensive guide that can be downloaded – which helps victim/survivors of childhood sexual abuse; or an adult experience of a sexual offence – to better understand the process ‘from report to court’. It also includes information on ISVA services as well as investigation process. Download the handbook - From Report to Court A handbook for adult survivors of sexual violence