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Our Vision & Mission

CIS’ters is a survivor led specialist service for females aged 18+ who, as female children, were sexually abused/exploited by a member of their immediate and/or extended family.

Rape and sexual abuse can be committed against anyone regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture or social status.

Living with the consequences of rape and sexual abuse during childhood has an impact, though this might not always be evident at the time.

While we focus on the needs of female survivors, age 18+, of sexual abuse during childhood, we fully acknowledge that men and boys also experience rape and sexual abuse and that the impacts on their lives can be similarly devastating and long-lasting.

Our aim is to promote the physical and emotional well-being of our service users and to help empower them (whatever that means to that individual).

In addition to providing services for female survivors of child sexual abuse, CIS’ters also seeks to raise public awareness related to the existence and prevalence of all forms of sexual abuse and sexual violence (across ages and gender) and to promote the development of services that more effectively respond to such-life experiences through empowerment models.

CIS’ters is recognised for delivery of specialist training for workers in other organisations, across all sectors. All events include the voice of the survivor.