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We hope that as a professional and/or survivor, you will find the information within the sub-menus helpful; including the brilliant videos we have provided links to. In this part of the website we have provided:

It has been difficult to summarise (across our website) the 20+ years of knowledge gained since setting up CIS’ters. We are indebted to the many courageous women who sought us out, and then joined. For the way in which survivors have helped increase our understanding, of what they needed, and what they didn’t need.  As a peer-led group, we knew and know what we know; but there is so much more to learn.  The debate about consent, safeguarding issues…… the list goes on.

The training events that we deliver, for professionals, across all settings have always been well received and commissions continue to include police; and a recent commission includes an adult safeguarding board.  In addition, we have gained a reputation for producing fabulous conferences – drawing both speakers and delegates from across the UK; and sometimes beyond.  The major success of our events is that presenters include survivors.