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Children and Young People (Male and Female)

 It is important to us that children and young people understand the issue of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation and are able to seek and receive appropriate help.

If you are under age 18 and seeking help, then we encourage you to please use the Childline - Get Support pages - a specialist website for children and young people.

Scared Child We, as adult survivors, know how difficult life can seem for you at the moment and the stress that you are under. You might only just becoming aware of what is happening, because abusers can be very manipulative and creative in how they gain access to a child. It is never too late to reach out, to get the help you need. Childline will work at your pace and help you create a pathway to safety that meets your individual needs. 

If you are not sure if what you are, or have experienced, is sexual abuse – then Childline - Sexual Abuse will take you to information which will help explain what sexual abuse and/or sexual exploitation is and how to get help.

We are hopeful that you will have the courage to take this step and hope within our hearts that the response you receive will take you forward to a life without sexual abuse.

If you are concerned about specific issues linked to the use of the internet and social media (including child sexual exploitation), then we encourage all young people to access the following website which have useful information linked to protective factors:

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command