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CISters Mission Statement

Rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children is endemic within our society.

Society, and individuals within it, need to become more aware of the prevalence and impact of such crimes on victims and take responsibility for the prevention and detection of such abuse, and facilitation of recovery processes.

The purpose of CIS’ters is to empower female survivors age 18+, (who as female children or teens were raped, sexually abused or sexually exploited by a member of their immediate or extended family), in their own personal healing through the mutual affirmation, acceptance, respect and support of other survivors.

Weekly Podcast

Episode 10 - 'Collaborative Working' - Length of Time 08.26 mins


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You can send a donation by post to us at: CIS'ters, PO Box 119, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 9ZF, made payable to CISTERS

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