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Having 'policies' might sound a bit boring but it is what keeps organisations like ours and others ‘a safe place’ and that’s important to us and hopefully to anyone who might want to access CIS’ters, or suggest to a survivor to make contact with us.

Policies promote professionalism and include important topics such as confidentiality, safeguarding (adults and children), and a complaints policy.  If you would like to read any of our policies please email us and we will email you a copy of the relevant policy.

Confidentiality Summarised:

CIS'ters operates a confidentiality policy which is designed to protect all users of its services.  This policy is strictly adhered to and only in the event of threat to life or a child being at risk will it be broken.  Even in those circumstances, agreement will be sought whenever possible and CIS'ters would wish to continue to support any woman involved.