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In recent decades a mass of research has been undertaken and published by various academics highlighting prevalence and the impact of sexual abuse during childhood and adulthood.

Survivor voices have added to the wealth of existing knowledge –including the now acknowledged existence of serial sex offenders working within, and seemingly protected by, credible organisations such as the BBC and sports clubs.

In addition, the emergence of new technologies and how they are being used to both access and then abuse children, continue to cause concern.

Although there is much that is now known and a subject of research – the following are areas which we know, from our members, that need more focus and therefore are issues that ought to be subject to future research:

  • Childhood obesity as a coping strategy and the impact on physical health thereafter.
  • Difficulties experienced by some female survivors in becoming pregnant, during pregnancy, and giving birth.
  • Difficulties experienced by some survivors in accessing health screening such as smears and also visiting the dentist and optician.
  • Difficulties experienced by some survivors during health interventions that require intrusive examinations/procedure, including pre/post-operative care.
  • The experience of some survivors with symptoms such as dementia, who are unable to explain to their care givers the reason for some of their distress.