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Books, Videos and Other Information

Workers and professionals often find books help raise their awareness and we also know that many survivors do too. There is, thankfully, an expanding list of books which can be accessed via (this is exactly the same as your ordinary Amazon account, but if you go through 'SmileAmazon' a small percentage of your payment will be donated to CIS'ters) and some are also available through local libraries.

We have highlighted a few in each category – as perhaps initial reading – but a more comprehensive listing can be found on the Directory and Book Services (DABS)

Helpful Articles

Can Family Secrets Make You Sick ?

Why, When and How To Ask About Childhood Abuse

Not What Was Done But What it Did


Books for Survivors

'Breaking Free' and 'Breaking Free Workbook'
Author: Carolyn Ainscough & Kay Toon
A workbook based on the authors' years of experience of working with groups of women survivors of child sexual abuse.

'Beginning to Heal'
Author: Ellen Bass & Laura Davis
A First Book for Men and Women Who Were Sexually Abused As Children.  It is possible to heal from child abuse. If you are willing to work hard and find good support, you can not only heal but thrive.


Books for Partners/Allies

'Allies in Healing'
Author: Laura Davis
When the person you love has been sexually abused.

'Ghosts in the Bedroom'
Author: Ken Graber
Guide for partners of incest survivors.


Books for Parents/Carers

We are providing a link to MOSAC website – as they have a more comprehensive list of books for parents and carers.


Books for Professionals

Counselling Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Author: Christiane Sanderson
Material on trauma models, PTSD, self-harm and sexuality. A theoretical review of the literature and a practical handbook for use with clients who may be adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

Healing Trauma
Author: Peter Levine
A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body - Building on his pioneering book Waking the Tiger, Peter Levine offers an integrated self-healing tool. This small book has an accompanying CD of exercises.

Waking the Tiger
Author: Peter A. Levine
Healing Trauma -Attempts to aid understanding of how the body is affected by trauma, and its central position in healing.



Below you will find a small number of the amazing videos that are available online – produced by other organisations/or individuals. Each clearly explains the dynamics of CSA and how it affects individuals during childhood and into adulthood. We hope that you find them useful and that you appreciate (as we have) the time and effort put into their original creation. After watching them, we encourage you to go online and seek similar items (by these authors of videos), to further raise your awareness.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) TED talk by Dr Nadine Burke Harris

Finding Courage to Talk About CSA  TED talk by Jill Tolles

Brain Model of PTSD  Psychoeducation Video

The Brain and Trauma  Animation

We Need Men to Speak Out About Male Violence  TED Talk by Jackson Katz

Fight or Freeze  'I always thought if it happened to me'   Rape Crisis Scotland

It's Not OK  Jessica Eaton - Spoken Word 2017

Your Brain on Stress & Anxiety  by Dr John Kenworthy